Soccer tournament Città della Speranza Foundation

From the 4th June to the 12th it is developed the 16° soccer tournament of Città della Speranza, memorial Massimo Zilio and Roberto Trevisan, in Malo.
They were very beautiful days, characterized by a great flow of public and the generosity was testified by the sale of over 20.000 lottery tickets.
It was challenged the categories of the small friends, of the chicks, the old glories and of the clubs (Juventus, Milan, Inter, Bellidavvero).

We gathers the occasion to thank the volunteers that have allowed the success of the event and particularly the “cooks.”
We would underline the pink parenthesis with the demonstrative match among the girls of the Sporteam United and the Monte di Malo with special dedication to Rita. Photo:





Articolo pubblicato: martedì, 14 giugno 2011