Italia No stop


Meeting and departure are on Fridays 23 th September, at 5 pm in Padua.


to celebrate the unknown beauties in Italy by an unconventional lenguage. Three pilots will alternate to the guide of an Italian motorbike, that will be in movement 24 on 24 hours. A particular way to honor the recurrence of the 150 years of italian Unity; and to offer a positive message about Italy that never stops and on the passions that unite the country.

Charity project:

ITALIANOSTOP – as also the occasion to raise funds and to sensitize the public opinion obout Città della Speranza Foundation that from 1994, with constant appointment, supports the research on the childhood diseases.


About the event:

Il gazzettino – 07-09-11 Read the article (Italian version)

Articolo pubblicato: venerdì, 9 settembre 2011