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Elenco Progetti ammessi a contributo del Bando Ricerca Pediatrica della Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Padova e Rovigo


Pre-natal and early life origin of chronic obstructive lung respiratory diseases: identification of novel diagnostic biomarkers and therapeutic targets by applying the metabolomic approach
Principal investigator: Baraldi Eugenio
Contributo assegnato: euro 200.000,00 

Improving cure rates for children with cancer – focus on patients that currently do not respond to therapy.
Principal investigator: Basso Giuseppe
Contributo assegnato: euro 800.000,00

A tissue engineering approach for diaphragm repair in a congenital diaphragmatic hernia mouse model.
Principal investigator: De Coppi Paolo – Pozzobon Michela (progetto unico)
Contributo assegnato: euro 260.000,00

Genome and proteome-wide characterization of oncogenic activity of alk kinase in anaplastic large cell lymphoma of childhood.
Principal investigator:  Rosolen Angelo
Contributo assegnato: euro 350,000.00

The mitochondrial respiratory chain: unveiling its biogenesis and its regulation to develop novel therapeutic approaches for fatal infantile mitochondrial diseases.
Principal investigator: Salviati Leonardo
Contributo assegnato: euro 500.000,00

Pediatric neurodegenerative disorders: preclinical evaluation of a nanoparticle-mediated brain therapy and identification of biomarkers of pathogenesis and treatment efficacy.
Principal investigator: Scarpa Maurizio 
Contributo assegnato: euro 270.000,00

Progetti ammessi a contributo con il bando Ricerca Pediatrica “Grant program for Joung Investigator on Paediatric Research

Innovative tools for therapeutic drug monitoring in cancer patients: toward bed side testing.
Principal investigator: Marco Agostini 
Contributo assegnato: euro 200.000,00

The neuronal role of lipids: from molecular function of genes to identification of biomarker in juvenile spastic paraplegia forms. 
Principal investigator: Jenny Orso 
Contributo assegnato: euro 200.000,00

Brain damage, pulmonary dysfunction, and surfactant derangement during cardiopulmonary bypass for congenital heart diseases. Perioperative parameters and markers to prevent morbidity.
Principal investigator: Luca Vedovelli 
Contributo assegnato: euro 200.000,00