The Institute of Pediatric Research Città della Speranza (IRP) was inaugurated on June 8 2012, represents the achievement of another goal promoted by the Fondazione. A further concrete result achieved in just three years with an investment of 32 million euro of which 18 million paid and the remaining with a mortgage to pay off in 15 years.

IRP is a facility of over 17,500 m2, 10.000 of which exclusively dedicated to the research activities.

The mission is to promote scientific research in the field of pediatric diseases. Specifically, among the health problems troubling young patients, peculiar attention is given to groundbreaking research on oncological, genetic, metabolic and regenerative medicine fields. That is, cancer disease in childhood, such as leukemia and solid tumor, cystic fbrosis, lisosomial disorders, kidney problems and neurodevelopment are investigated together with the use of stem cells and tissue engineering approaches for congenital malformations. Importantly, IRP gives hospitality also to all the activities of advanced diagnostic dedicated to pediatric patologies.

The funds raised to finance the building construction come from the constant fund-raising activities carried out by thousands of volunteers of the Fondazione Città della Speranza through the organization of many events in the area. Moreover, an important bequest of a pediatrician from Milan, Annamaria De Claricini, who in 2006 wanted to devote most of his assets to the Pediatric Research Foundation , give rise to the project of the new Institute of Pediatric Research .

Aiutaci anche tu a far fronte a questo importante impegno economico, perché il piccolo impegno di ognuno può diventare grande patrimonio per tutti.

Scientific report 2016